gallin Remembrance of Synagogues Past - The Lost Civilization of the Jewish South Bronx
Synagogue Organized Dedicated
K'hal Adath Israel 1930 1934

Non-Synagogue Type
Alianza Cristiana y Missionera church

806 Jennings
at Bristow
Bronx, NY 10459
The building is currently a church.

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Personal Impressions

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I said kaddish for my father in that shul.

One of my friends was married in the shul and we were invited. It wasn't fancy but people didn't have much money then.

My most vivid memory was being called to minyon by the Shamos, a large kindly man we called Mr. Friesel. He would come to the porch and knock on the window , usually for Friday evening services. I dreaded his call, but I went.

A few weeks before the High Holidays, Mr. Friesel would give me a quarter to distribute advertising circulars soliciting shul goers to attend his shul for the Holiday Services.

I went to Hebrew school at the shul. We had no money, so my mother made arrangements to pay a dollar or two, when we had it, for going three times a week.

I had two teachers in the Cheder. One was a distinguished, dark man who always wore a black suit. His name was Rabbi Solomon Wind. His wife died at that time, since I recall he grew a beard. Someone explained to us that it was part of the shiva ritual. The second teacher was Mr. Katznelson. He went by the name of Nelson.

I was bar-mitzvah in this shul. I read the entire torah section and the Haftorah. Rabbi Wind wrote a speech which I delivered in Yiddish. I recall getting quarters from my friends and my relatives presented me with one or two dollars. I gave everything to my mother.