gallin Remembrance of Synagogues Past - The Lost Civilization of the Jewish South Bronx
Synagogue Organized Dedicated
Ohel Moshe 1930

2149 Wallace
at Lydig
Bronx, NY 10462
The building is currently a business.

Personal Impressions


At about age 8 my parents enrolled me in the Pelham Parkway Jewish Center, 900 Pelham Parkway. I remember my teacher's name as Mrs. Brind (I have it written in a prayer book that was distributed to all the students). I still have the book in my home library.

To the best of my recollection, this was a conservative Synagogue. It was a formidable edifice and a 4 block walk from our home on Holland Avenue.

At the end of the 1st year in class, my parents transferred me to Cong Ohel Moishe, Wallace Ave., just around the corner from our apartment house. This was an old time Shul, Orthodox and located in a storefront. It was the Shul my Grandfather belonged to.

The leader of the Shul was Rabbi Klien. He was a no nonsense Rabbi, if you spoke out of turn or were not paying attention, he had no qualms about giving you a love tap with his rubber tipped wooden pointer. You either learned your lessons or you went home with red welts from his love taps.

My Bar Mitzvah was held on a Thursday, it was less costly and supposed to be a good day as there was Torah reading on Thursdays. My mom and sisters really did not have a good view of me on the Bema as they sat on the other side of a white curtain used to separate the men and women.

The 4 years I spent at this Shul and with Rabbi Klein, were years I will never forgot. It was an old time Jewish education, no pomp or fanfare.

I'm sorry to learn that the Shul is no longer in existence and that the facility it has been converted to a business.